South Alberta Pipes and Drums
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


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Raindrops keep draining down my neck..."

It was probably inevitable. We are one of the few bands left that wore the traditional balmoral. Now, they are hard to get and the band has elected to move to glengarries. Like every other band. Uniqueness was not the only benefit of the balmorals, who doesn't like to stand out in a crowd.... But the balmoral had a practical purpose: sun in your eyes, pull it forward. Raining, make sure it slopes to the side. No frisbies available? Well, you get the picture. Practical. But, bowing to the inevitable, we will now put the eavestrough on our head and squint into the sun. PS, the foregoing opinions are those of the webmaster and do not reflect the general membership's views.

New Band School Location

In October 2023 we are moving to a new location for Monday and Thursday band school and band practice: the Freemasons' Hall at 44 Bannon Avenue SW. We are very grateful to the Masons for opening their doors to us. We are equally grateful to the Medicine Hat Shriners who have hosted us in their hall these past several years.

Havre Left Standing

As usual, the band participated in 2023 Festival Days down in Havre, Montana. The fact that we are treated like rock stars and get free beer has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's always a good event and the band enjoys performing for the local citizens. We are very grateful for the Lions Club sponsorship of our participation. The photo is from an previous trip.

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