Is Scottish Country Dancing the same as Highland Dancing?

No. Although the two forms of dancing have some common origins, share some music and some aspects of technique, the two types of dancing are quite different today. Highland Dancing is generally a solo form of dance for adjudication, performed to specific tunes on the pipes. Scottish Country Dancing is social dancing in sets of multiple dancers, with different movements incorporated into a wide variety of dances.

Scottish Country Dancing is a social, group activity

Do I need a partner?

No. People are encouraged to change partners every dance, to enhance the social aspect of the dance and to learn new techniques from others. And, you certainly won't be left sitting on the sidelines; nearly all Scottish country dances need at least six people to dance together.

Do I need special clothes?

No. For classes, you dance in whatever feels comfortable to you! For balls, which are usually semi-formal, men can wear a suit and women a dress. No kilts or tartan skirts are required, but those who have them are encouraged to wear them!

Do I need to be a certain age?

No. Scottish country dancing "flows from the soul". Its steps and movements perfectly reflect the power of ancient rhythms, striking a chord in the hearts of young and old alike. And since Scottish country dancing is enjoyed by both the young and the old, our classes are open to all who want to come! The only criterion is that the dancer is mature enough to stand still when not dancing.

Do I have to be a Scot or of Scottish descent?

No, but you can't help but find your foot tapping to the irresistible rhythms of our music. In fact, it's hard not to dance to the music of our stirring reels and haunting strathspeys. Scottish country dancing is enjoyed the world over, from Japan to New Zealand. It is not ethnic dancing, it is ballroom dancing that was popular during medieval times. Most modern day participants are not Scottish, just lovers of dance!

Do I have to dance with the same person?

SCD is a very social activity. You are continuously dancing with new people, and a different partner with each dance. At a ball you can expect to dance with people from different areas of the province, North America and sometimes even the world!

Do I have to be in good physical shape?

Like most types of dancing, SCD can be quite a workout but you don't have to dance every dance! We encourage warming up before class and stretching afterwards. If you are looking for an easy and fun way to get in shape, try Scottish Country Dancing!

Is this exercise or fun?

It's both! Our classes focus on fun. We are all there for the enjoyment of the dance. You can experience the unique thrill of dancing your very first reel simply by investing a bit of time, some effort and lots and lots of enthusiasm!