This page last modified on May 17th 2022

Welcome to the Medicine Hat RC'ers Home Page!

The Medicine Hat RC'ers is a club made up of model aviation enthusiasts who fly model airplanes and helicopters by radio control. We have around 40 members, and operate one of the best flying fields in Western Canada!
Our field is called the Len Young Memorial Airfield.


We have a clubhouse and sun shelter both have electricity. Our facility is equipped with three paved run ways, which are 30 feet wide and 400 feet long. We welcome spectators and encourage people to join this great hobby! We also welcome out-of-town flyers.
In order to fly at our field you need to have MAAC and a signed waiver (available in the sun shelter).


Next Meeting:  June Tuesday 21st 2022 @ 19:00
The next meeting date is: 21st June 2022
, 19:00 hrs at the club house.

A Zoom Meeting link will be emailed to all if that is your proffered meeting place.

If you don't want to attend but have some points please email an executive.

Up coming events

2022 Events;

Indoor flying see events tab for details and dates.

Fun flys:- 18-19 June & 27-28 Aug

IMAC: 6-7 Aug

Pylon:- 25-26 June & 10-11 Sept

Airport Days:-  25 July

To check the current Medicine Hat weather, Click here
Here are two highway weather stations: Near Suffield and Near Irvine

Weather links

To contact the Webmaster, Click here

How To Join
If you would like to join our club, come out to one of our meetings, which are held on the third Tuesday of the month. See News above for date, time and place, or contact someone from the contact list. Open Member is $100 per year (after Aug 31, reduced to $50.00) and a Junior is $40 per year. Family memberships are $140 per year. All memberships require you hold a valid MAAC membership. E-Transfers now accepted.
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