JFW Program Outline

The Junior Forest Program is divided into four categories.

and four age groups

  • Pathfinders    (6 to 9 years old) 
  • Trailblazers  (9 to 12 years old) 
  • Adventures   (12 to 15 years old) 
  • Challengers  (16 to 18 years old)

Each area has various degrees of difficulty based on the four age groups.

The Pledge

"As one who believes in the aim of the Junior Forest Wardens, I pledge myself and my services to the appreciation and responsible use of our Forests, Wildlife  and Natural Heritage."

The Code

"God has given us the earth for our life.  It is a great entail.  It belongs as much to those who come after us as to us, and we have no right by anything we do or neglect to do, to involve them in unnecessary penalties or to deprive them of benefits which are theirs by right."

The Motto

"Keep our forests green"

The Watchword

"Watch and warn"



Forestry activities and projects involve wardens in developing basic understanding, attitudes and skills in forest renewal, management and protection.  Wardens examine the importance of timber, wildlife and fisheries, recreation, range and ranching and water management in their lives.  They increase their personal and their community's awareness and concern for the responsible use of natural resources through community service projects.



Woodstravel activities, dayhikes and campouts encourage wardens to learn and practice the skills for safely and successfully participating in outdoor living and travel experiences in the outdoors.



Ecology activities and projects help wardens to develop an understanding of plants, animals and how they relate to each other in their natural habitat.  Wardens are encouraged to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the natural environment.



Leadership activities and programs present challenging opportunities that develop and use their personal and group leadership skills.


Last Updated January 06, 2001