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March 12, 2005

Ice Fishing at Either Ressor Lake or Elkwater Lake

Jr. Leaders -  Tanner Tendler -  Shyanna Albrecht

Parent helpers All of us.

  • Arrive at 11:00 am and Depart when it is dark.
  • Bring your fishing gear
  • Dress Warm (Boots, Coats, and Mitts etc.)
  • Dark house if you have one.
  • Don't forget your licenses.

Tanner and Shyanna Will Explain

  • What bait to use for trout.
  • What hooks are best to use.
  • How do we make a hole in the ice.
  • What the limit of Trout and Pike you are allowed to catch.
  • Would it be safe to drive or walk on the lake.
  • Then they can express just how happy any of us would be to actually catch something.
  • If we do catch something everyone can brush up on their fish cleaning and filleting skills etc.
  • Possibley some cooking skills on what we caught.  Maybe that could be our supper.


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