This is a message for Nikolas. We have found Maj Fox, your balloon trooper. We live on the east side of Medicine Hat, out in the country. It would be about 10 km from the city so I would guess that Maj Fox flew about 20 km from Echo Dale Park. On Friday, March 19, 2004, we found him stuck on our fence that is far away from our house. We have buffalo in that fence so it was a good thing that we found him, before the buffalo did. He might have been on that fence for a long time because we never went by that fence during the winter. Now that spring is here, we were checking the fence to make sure there were no holes for the buffalo to get through, and that is how we found your balloon trooper. Maj Fox is safe and warm in my house now. 

Wow this is great news Judy.  What kind of shape was the trooper in, for example,  was a balloon still attached, was the letter really easy to read. was he beat up looking at all?

The trooper was in excellent shape, perhaps a bit faded in some parts of his body, but no "war wounds".  The balloons were broken off.  We could tell that there had been two balloons attached... a pink one and a dark blue one.  There are only fragments of the balloons remaining where they were attached to the trooper.  The note was all in tact, folded on his body... easy to unfold and clear to read.  Overall, other than the balloons I would say everything was in excellent condition

Good luck with further missions!