Junior Forest Wardens History


The Junior Forest Warden organization was started in the spring of 1930 in British Columbia by Charlie Wilkinson of the Canadian Forestry Association.  It began in answer to the need for help in fighting forest fires in British Columbia.  During that same year, a tree was planted in Stanley Park, Vancouver, in soil collected by Wardens from every part of British Columbia.

The original Junior Forest Warden clubs were for boys.  In 1944, Girl Forest Guards were organized with some 500 charter members.  Presently, most Junior Forest Warden clubs have both boys and girls as members.

The Junior Forest Warden Association became a national association in 1961 when the province of Alberta became a member.

Since the beginning of the organization, forest fire prevention has been emphasized.  Through the years. members have played an important role in fire protection ranging from fire-spotting and reporting to actual combat on the fireline.  The program then expanded to include pollution control, ecology, wildlife, communications and insects and diseases that influence forestry.

The Junior Forest Warden Program was revised in the 1980's in response to requests from JFW clubs for "learning by doing" projects and programs that challenge youth to better understand and care for our natural resources.  The current JFW program builds on the strong heritage of the Junior Forest Warden Association.

The Medicine Hat Warriors was formed back in 1981.

Last Updated January 06, 2001